You make a lot of effort to look beautiful… But your makeup collection may have become a mess. This app you help you solve this:

★ Find the items that you already have!
★ Add makeup items that you would like to buy
★ Never forget the makeup items that you want to buy
★ Add makeup from different brands/stores

In summary, we provide a simple app that can help organize all your make up items.

Makeup organizer will help you quickly organizer all your makeup products. Here are some of the items you can organize:

★ Palettes
★ Foundation
★ Powder/Bronzer
★ Tools
★ Nail Polish
★ Lip

For each item type
★ It is possible to organize and search by brand name
★ You can add, remove, or modify existing makeup items
★ You can search quickly using any part of the name or brand

And more:

★ A wish list feature
★ Add brands that you use most

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7 thoughts on “MakeupOrganizer”

  1. Decent but needs work! Why is there nowhere to add single eyeshadows? Would be nice if we could add a photo too. Or a date purchased, and/or notes section. Good start on the app but needs work. I wish I could add/edit categories.

    1. Hi Alyson, we’re glad you’re enjoying our app. We are working on more features for the near future, and we think these are great suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Good useful app. But please add there creams, lotions , masks and etc! A lot of women have more then 1;) also would be great to have pictures additing, purchased date and use by date. Thanks!

  3. I think the app is a great start. Would be good if you could edit the makeup category’s to suite yourself. That way you could add/delete to suit yourself. Eyeshadow is a big must too!!! Otherwise well done!

  4. Has potential, but from a makeup artist’s point of view, it needs work. A bar code scanning feature would be nice, for instance, and having it back up to iCloud would double it’s value since a professional makeup collection takes time to enter and re-entering it after a hard reset takes down the apparent value your app (like so many others).

  5. This is a fairly good app to start with. Why is the home screen name defaulted to eyeshadow? Why isn’t there an eyeshadow category? I would love to be able to add my own categories along with a picture of the product. Also and eyeliner and brow liner category would be nice along with a miscellaneous category.aybe an area for the actual product barcode that could sync with the product? Look at a movie collection app. You scan in the barcode and up comes the movie to add to the vault. Keep up the good work! I wish I new how to create these kinds of apps!!

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